L1 ARSTYL - Polyurethane ceiling moldings - Noël & Marquet - 150 x 150 x 2000 mm - 1 piece

The simple shape of the L1 ARSTYL ® can be used for direct lighting or as an independent element. The functional profile of the L1 ARSTYL® is an elegant but subtle piece, which gives relief to a home or professional environment. For a bold and innovative interior style, the functional L1 ARSTYL® profile is a great addition that fits harmoniously into modern spaces. A large space at the rear of the profile allows you to hide wires, unsightly cracks and also ventilation ducts.
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€87.40 (tax incl.)

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Glue :

The quantity of glue required for installation is easy to define using the Noël & Marquet glue consumption calculator (https://bit.ly/3P61U0x) or the Decoflair glue consumption calculator (https://bit.ly/44PTEI8). It will allow you to know the number of putty glue cartridges required for installation.

Painting :

Polystyrene products should only be painted with solvent-free acrylic paint.

Polyurethane products can be painted with any type of paint (it is nevertheless advisable to carry out a test beforehand).

Installation :

The accessories necessary for successful professional quality installation are:

  • Mastic glue allows you to glue your moldings, create assembly joints and correct small imperfections,
  • The special cutting box for moldings and cornices allows you to create perfect angles whatever the molding profile,
  • The special fine-toothed polystyrene saw allows you to make precise, flawless cuts on this material,
  • The special HD polystyrene and polyurethane saw with medium teeth allows you to make precise and flawless cuts on these materials.
  • Additional installation accessories such as: cartridge gun, spatula, sponge.

Manufacturer :

The NMC company is the European leader in manufacturers of decorative polystyrene and polyurethane moldings. All Noël & Marquet and Decoflair products meet the requirements of European quality standards.

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