Room kit ROOMKIT-D10 Polystyrene DECOFLAIR (80 mm x 80 mm) - NMC

Complete kit of decorative covings for wall and ceiling - height 80 mm x width 80 mm - Pack 12 x 2 m + glue

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Room kit ROOMKIT-D10 Polystyrene NMC DECOFLAIR :

This room kit for wall and ceiling is very easy to install and allows you to quickly get a professional result.

This may be completed with the Coving D10 Polystyrene as straight element.

Kit cntent :

The room kits contain all necessary material to simplify the installation :

  • Straight covings,
  • Pre-cur inner and outer corners,
  • CM500 glue in sufficiant quantity,
  • Painter meter stick.

Product characteristics :

  • Hight : 80 mm (part on the wall),
  • Width : 80 mm (part on the ceiling),
  • Content : Pack 12 x 2 m + glue,
  • Total length : 24 m,
  • Material : Extruded polystyrene,
  • Glue consumption : 130 g/m,
  • Pre-painted : No.

Application :

The usual use of covings is to place them in the corner formed by the wall and the ceiling, but you can give free rein to your imagination: create indirect lighting, hide imperfections, stylize the frame of a door, design a Mirror frame, enhance the top of a piece of furniture ...

Paint :

Polystyrene products should only be painted with solvent-free acrylique paints.

Required glue quantity :

For the reference ROOMKIT-D10 you need approximately 130 g/m of glue. The NMC DECOFLAIR Room kits are delivery with the necessary amount of glue CM500 for installation.

Manufacturing quality :

Manufactured in Europe, NMC room kits in polystyrene meet the requirements of European quality standards.

Installation instructions :

The required installation accessories to get a professional quality installation are the glue ADEFIX or CM500 as well as the suggested cutting tool for each product.

In addition to the measuring and marking tools, consider equiping yourself with some complementary tools such as : a cartridge gun, a spatula, a ponge.

Manufacturer :

La Company NMC is the european leading manufacturer of decorative polystyrene and polyurethane mouldings.

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Product Details

Data sheet

80 mm
80 mm
24 m
Complete Room Kit incl. Glue
Extruded polystyrene
Recommended paint
Acrylique solvent free
Glue consumption
130 g/m