• Ceiling decoration

    Ceiling decoration

    <p>All decorative mouldings for your ceiling : covings, roses and ceiling tiles.</p>
  • Wall decoration

    Wall decoration

    <p>All decorative mouldings for your walls : chair rails, skirtings, pilasters and wall panels.</p>
  • Facade decoration

    Facade decoration

    <p>All decorative moldings for your facades: frame moldings for doors and windows, facade strips, window sill nosings, pediments and embossed stones.</p>
  • Lighting Solutions

    Lighting Solutions

    <p>All decorative mouldings for direct or indirect lighting.</p>
  • Room Kits

    Room Kits

    <p>Decorate your walls and ceilings thanks to the decorative room kits.</p>
  • Functional profiles

    Functional profiles

    <p>All decorative mouldings for technical solutions: direct or indirect lighting, protection, finishing.</p>
  • Accessories


    <p>Get a perfect fit thanks to our professional installation accessories and our high performance glues.</p>
  • Ranges


    <p>All NMC Noël & Marquet ranges: NOMASTYL ®, WALLSTYL ®, ARSTYL ® and DOMOSTYL ®.</p>